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image descriptionWe are delighted to announce the 5th European Meeting on Animal Chlamydiosis (EMAC-5), which will be held in Odesa,
Ukraine on October 3-5, 2018.


On behalf of the Scientific Committee, we invite you to participate in the EMAC-5, which will be held in the Atlantic Garden Resort Hotel, Odesa, Ukraine from October 3 to 5, 2018.

The meeting aims to serve as the international forum for researchers, experts, veterinarians, medical doctors, and public health professionals interested in all aspects of animal chlamydiosis. There will be scientific presentations and discussions in a friendly atmosphere to exchange ideas and explore collaborations in the field of animal chlamydiosis.

Odesa is the biggest city of Ukraine that is situated on the Black See coast with a population of approximately 1 million inhabitants. Odesa is a nice historical place with many beautiful sites and attractions.

For additional information please
contact: (Vitaliy Bolotin)

Download preliminary program


Prof. Borys Stegniy

Prof. Anton Gerilovych

Dr. Vitaliy Bolotin

Dr. Oleksii Solodiankin

Dr. Maryna Stegniy

Oleksandr Biloivan

Oksana Zlenko

Ganna Oriekhova

Anastasia Mykhailenko

Iulia Krivoshei


Prof. Nicole Borel

Prof. Maria Rosa Caro

Prof. Danijela Horvatek Tomic

Prof. Karine Laroucau

Prof. David Longbottom

Prof. Bryan Markey

Prof. Andreas Pospischil

Prof. Konrad Sachse

Prof. Daisy Vanrompay

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Conference venue:

Atlantic Garden Resort Hotel,

24a Genuezskaya street,

Odessa 65009 Ukraine

Phone : +38- 048-774-44-44

Fax: +38-048-774-44-45

Atlantic Garden Resort Hotel
(Room prizes starting at 50 Euro)
Hotel Arcadia (2 minutes to the EMAC place)
(Room prizes starting at 15 Euro)

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The Organizing Committee looks forward to warmly welcome you to Odesa.

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