NSC «IECVM» - first in Ukraine research center, focused on animal health research.

4 departments, 13 laboratories, 1 research station, 5 research-manufacturing centers, influenza A reference laboratory.

Research and development:

  • Genetic variability, ecology and phylogeography of cattle infectious diseases.
  • Molecular mechanisms of epizootiological processes.
  • Mechanisms of immune system formation and immune deficiency studying.
  • Implementation of the international biosafety and biohazard standards on laboratory and manufacturing practice.
  • Epidemiological monitoring of major infectious and invasive diseases of livestock animals and anthropozoonoses, epidemiological status forecasting.
  • Development of application regulations and advanced techniques in manufacturing of immunological medicaments.
  • Development of the methods, focused on prevention and eradication of zoonoses: tuberculosis, brucellosis, salmonellosis, listeriosis, campylobacteriosis, etc.
  • Toxicology monitoring of nutriments and animal products.
  • Quality control of nutriments and animal products.

NSC «IECVM» coordinate researchers from related institutions: NAAS, State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection and Ukrainian universities in agricultural field.