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Fundamental and applied research


Head of the laboratory:
BUZUN Andrii Ihorovych, PhD in Veterinary Sciences, Associate Professor
tel/fax: (057) 707-20-36

The laboratory is guided by the methodological principles of its founder, professor Isaak Kulesko:

Research baselines:

  • the driving forces of the epizootic process studying and counte-raction to them:
    • transboundary swine infections (African swine fever and classical swine fever, viral vesicular disease, including foot and mouth disease, vesicular exanthema, vesicular stomatitis, etc.)
    • reproductive-neonatal swine infections (Aujeszky's disease,PRRS, PCV-2, PPV, swine flu in associations with each other and/or with pastereliosis, actino- and hemo-bacillosis, mycoplasmosis, anaerobic dysentery, listeriosis, etc.)
    • swine neuroinfections (Teschen's disease, viral encephalomyocarditis - edema, listeriosis, etc.)
  • research of the protective properties of pathogens and competitive microbiomes or other environmental factors;
  • development, improvement and testing of facilities and systems of biological protection of pig breeding for reducing its antibiotic dependence by creation and approbation of:
    • diagnostic tools, vaccines, phage therapeutic agents, chemotherapeutic agent, desinfectants,
    • systems of risk analysis and rapid response to the emergence and spread of viral swine diseases of different etiology,
    • biosecurity standards for pig breeding,
  • preclinical and clinical testing of veterinary drugs:
    • veterinary antivial preparation Amiksin.

  • Spheres of expertise: epizootology, virology, microbiology, aprobation of facilities for swine infectious diseases control (african swine fever and classical swine fever, Aujeszky's disease, Teschen's disease, viral encephalomyocarditis - edema, listeriosis, porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome, porci-ne circovirus, porcine parvovirus, viral diarrhea and their associated infections with pasteurellosis, actinobacillary pleuropneumonia, neisseria, hemophilic polypsisitis, etc. (antibiotic-resistant forms of swine bacterial infections), bacterial diseases (brucellosis, campylobacteriosis, chlamydiosis, salmonel-losis, tuberculosis, colibacillosis, etc.).